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Learning lashes
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With a hands on approach to lash classes, you're sure to learn proper technique and foundations to launch your lash career.



As a self taught lash artist Michelle struggled to find information on how to lash. We’ve created a detailed course at a low cost to give you the knowledge you need to launch your career as a lash artist.
All proceeds from this course directly feed into the PLA Foundation, our charity that gives back to lash artists in need.

Let's Lash!

"Hi, I'm Michelle, the founder and CEO of PLA. I'm passionate about teaching lash artists and excited to help you on your journey."

Coming to the scene as a self-taught lash artist in 2008, Michelle Nguyen knew how difficult it could be to truly break into the beauty industry. After running her salon for 6 years in Reno, Michelle ultimately decided to sell it to focus on Paris Lash Academy, or PLA — a way to share her vast lashing experience with lash artists all around the world. Today PLA employee over 50 employees at the PLA headquarters in Reno. She is proud to own multiple lash manufacturers in Vietnam, where she was born and raised on a coffee farm. These manufacturers allow Michelle to give back to her community, providing jobs for over 700 women who would otherwise be working in harsh farming environments.

For the last sixteen years Michelle has practiced and studied eyelash science. Calling it a science may seem simplistic, but by studying the discipline and knowledge associated with eyelash care, Michelle has been able to elevate her expertise, bringing lashing to a new and higher level.

More About Me

Lash Foundations Unleashed


Classic + Volume

  • Lash Basics & Fundamentals
  • Classic Lashes
  • Volume Lashes
  • Personalized Feedback on Live Models!

Get your lash extensions certification here.

This isn’t your average online course. You must invest your time to learn, practice, and earn your certification. Through lash photo submissions, the PLA team will provide direct feedback on your lashing skills and capabilities to help you learn proper technique.

The PLA online course is nonrefundable once purchased due to the accessibility of information.

This course is taught by CEO, Michelle Nguyen, PLA Educator Ashley Gonzalez, and Chandrena Brockway. Together, they provide 10 hours of lessons.

Need supplies? Our course includes a kit when purchased directly from our website for just $475.

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Classic + Volume

Lash Foundations Unleashed

This is an extensive lash certification course designed to guide and support beginning lash artists as they start their careers. It is also a great option for intermediate artists who would like a refresher on the basics!

Upon purchasing, you will have 90 days to complete the course. This ensures that you remain motivated and don’t forget information due to long periods of inactivity while not becoming rushed or overwhelmed.

Our class includes:

  1. 12 Modules with 55 lessons (with 5 bonus lessons)
  2. 8 Quizzes
  3. Over 10 hours of rewatchable footage
  4. 2 required case studies
  5. 90 days access to the course content Lash Basics & Fundamentals
  6.  Personalized Feedback on Live Models!

Kick off your lash career with PLA today!

Want a kit with the course? Visit

Level up your lashes

Wet, Wispy, Strip Lash Styling Course

Michelle has taken the hottest lash trends and turned them into a step-by-step formula. If you’ve mastered the basics of classic and volume lashing and are ready to move to the next level of lashing, this course is for you!

The Wet, Wispy, Strip Lash Styling Course (WWS for short), will give you everything you need to execute these lash styles, from the knowledge, to the products!

Our class includes:

  1.  5 Video Modules, with almost two hours of lessons.
  2.  PLA WWS Kit (valued over $300)
  3.  PLA WWS Manual (40+ pages)
  4. Advanced Lash Maps

Learn the hottest lash trends with PLA!

Want a kit with the course? Visit

Level Up Your Lash Business

Lash Business Masterclass

Invest in yourself and your career by learning from industry leaders. This class is specifically for those that are looking to level up their lash business.

Our class includes:

  1. Lash Salon Business Planning
  2. Ultimate Customer Service Experience
  3. Old School Marketing Techniques
  4. Financial Freedom and Planning
  5. Taxes and Business Structure
  6. Price for Profit
  7. Human Resources
  8. Digital Marketing for Salon Owners

Our online class brings you so much information to level up your salon or lash studio!

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